Laser Dentistry Clinton, NC

Looking for modern dentistry solutions in Clinton, NC? You’re in luck! Our Clinton, NC, dentist office has incorporated laser dentistry technology into our treatment plans and procedures. Laser dentistry is one of the greatest modern dentistry advancements that allows patients to get the necessary soft tissue treatments without experiencing extreme pain or discomfort. Learn more about laser dentistry below.

Laser Dentistry for modern smiles

Laser Dentistry in Clinton, NC

Laser dentistry is one of the best improvements in modern dentistry, allowing us to offer a pain-free experience to our patients who are in need of extensive soft tissue care. Dental lasers can be used in a variety of dental procedures, including:

  • Reshaping gums / “Gum Contouring”
  • Treating tongue frenulum attachment
  • Treating cold sores
  • Cavity detection
  • Tooth preparation for dental procedures

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

One of the main reasons we have incorporated laser dentistry into our dental practice is that it provides patients with a wide range of benefits. If dental lasers are included in your treatment plan, you can look forward to the following benefits:

  • Allows the dentist to work on our around your soft tissues without you experiencing any pain or discomfort
  • Reduces the need for anesthesia
  • Seals off nerve endings and blood vessels to prevent pain and post-procedure bleeding
  • Provides a minimally invasive approach to your soft tissue care that requires no sutures, stitches, or drills
  • Promotes faster healing and regenerates healthy tissues to improve the results of your treatment
  • Requires little to no downtime, giving you immediate results

Laser Dentistry FAQs

How does laser dentistry work?

A dental laser is a beam of light energy. It’s a narrow and focused beam, allowing it to be extremely precise. When it comes into contact with human tissue, it reacts by removing or shaping that tissue. Because it is light energy, it cauterizes the area as it goes, leading to less bleeding and a shorter recovery time compared to traditional dental methods.

Is laser dentistry safe?

Yes, laser dentistry is safe. We would never provide any dental services that put our patients’ dental health at risk. Traditional tools used to manage your soft tissue health would often cause post-procedure bleeding and discomfort. It is important to us that we provide you with an improved patient experience so that you can enjoy and look forward to receiving your necessary dental care. This is why we are proud to offer laser dentistry solutions in our Clinton, NC, dentist office.

Does laser dentistry hurt?

In fact, laser dentistry is more comfortable than traditional dental techniques. Most patients don’t even require a local anesthetic when they’re getting their procedures. You also have less pain and discomfort during the recovery process with laser dentistry.

Is laser dentistry alright for patients with dental anxiety?

One of the best things about laser dentistry is that it’s virtually silent. You don’t have the loud noises or vibrations that you come across with dental drills and other instruments. The source of anxiety for many patients is the sounds and noises that the tools make. This helps soothe the patient because they don’t have to hear the dental drill.

Does laser dentistry damage teeth?

Side effects with laser dentistry are very minimal. The laser has a small point, and the treatment with it is very precise. The surrounding areas don’t get damaged and there isn’t any cutting involved to cause issues with other parts of the mouth.

Am I an ideal candidate for laser dentistry?

Almost anyone with certain oral health problems is eligible for laser treatment. It treats things like gum disease, a gummy smile, or cold sores. Your dentist will give you a full oral evaluation to determine if laser dentistry is the best method to treat the problems you’re having.

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