Teeth Whitening Clinton, NC

Are you looking forward to special occasions like weddings, family reunions, or professional conferences? Maybe you are simply wanting to improve your confidence with your own smile? If this is the case, consider treating yourself with a professional teeth whitening session. Our Clinton, NC dentist office provides comprehensive cosmetic dentistry services including professional teeth whitening. Perfect for patients looking for a fast and effective smile makeover, our teeth whitening services can take years of stains and dental discoloration off of your smile within one appointment. Learn more about our teeth whitening services below.

Teeth whitening in Clinton, NC for yellow teeth

Teeth Whitening in Clinton, NC

Dr. Jeffrey Hays, your local cosmetic dentist, provides professional teeth whitening services to patients who may be suffering from tooth discoloration. Here are some tips to help limit dental stains and tooth discoloration:

  • Avoid foods that will stain your smile
  • Avoid regularly consuming coffee, tea, or soda
  • Brush your teeth 30 minutes after eating or drinking something that is likely to stain your teeth.
  • Chew sugar-free gum following meals to reduce the amount of residue left behind on your smile

Why Choose Professional Teeth Whitening?

Over-the-counter alternatives are available for professional teeth whitening. However, over-the-counter options take a one-size-fits-all approach to dentistry, assuming your smile is just like everyone else’s. However, your smile is unique to you. This is where professional teeth whitening services come in.

When you visit our office for a teeth whitening appointment, we tailor the experience to you and your needs, making our whitening trays from dental impressions taken of your own teeth. We can even tailor the intensity of the bleaching gel to reduce hypersensitivity. Additionally, with over-the-counter options, you may get blotchy or inconsistent results. However, with professional teeth whitening services, your results are guaranteed to be exactly what you want.

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Ready to whiten and brighten your smile? Schedule a cosmetic dentistry consultation with Dr. Jeffrey Hays. Our office offers comprehensive dental services in a warm and welcoming environment. We look forward to helping you achieve your dream smile.