Tooth Extraction Clinton NC

At Clinton Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, our goal is to help our patients maintain their best smiles at all times. While we will do everything we can to help you avoid permanent tooth loss, some teeth cause more problems than they are worth. Occasionally, it will be best for your overall dental health to have a problematic tooth removed from your smile. When this happens, our team of dental professionals is here to provide you with safe and comfortable tooth extraction services. Learn more about these services below.

Tooth Extractions in Clinton, NC

Tooth Extractions in Clinton, NC

Dr. Jeffrey Hays is an experienced general dentist that provides tooth extraction consultations and second opinions. Tooth extractions are procedures in which problematic teeth are safely removed from your smile using an anesthetic to ensure that you do not experience intense pain or discomfort. The tooth is rocked gently until it dislodges from your soft tissues. Our office will quarterback your tooth extraction procedure, and refer you to other local specialists if needed. At all times, we will be here for you to ensure your procedure goes according to plan.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Many patients will develop their wisdom teeth in their late teens and early twenties. Wisdom teeth tend to cause a lot of problems because they develop long after the rest of your smile. Because of this, there is limited space for the teeth to grow into, often causing impaction or discomfort. Additionally, if your wisdom teeth are able to grow in successfully, their placement in the far back corners of your mouth make them difficult to keep clean. This is why patients will usually opt for a tooth extraction to ensure that future dental concerns like decay or gum disease do not occur as a result of keeping their wisdom teeth. Talk to your doctor if you notice any pain or discomfort surrounding your wisdom teeth.

Tooth Replacement Options

If you require a tooth extraction due to excess dental damage or decay, we offer tooth replacement options in our office to replace the affected tooth. Our office provides dental implants and dental bridges to patients who have experienced tooth loss due to tooth extractions or otherwise. Tooth replacement options should be considered if you are having one of your permanent teeth, other than your wisdom teeth, extracted. Maintaining a balanced bite pattern is essential to protecting your overall dental health as well as your regular speech and chewing patterns.

Schedule a dental exam and consultation before determining your treatment needs! If you think you need a tooth extraction in Clinton, NC, contact our office for more information on these services. We look forward to seeing you soon.