Smile Enhancement Benefits with Bonding

If you feel unhappy with the way that your teeth appear, you might suffer a blow to your confidence that can carry over to your personal or professional lives. You can schedule a cosmetic consult with your dentist to find a treatment that will help you reach your smile aesthetic goals.

Teeth bonding refers to a procedure where your dentist applies composite resin to the teeth, sculpting it to give you an individualized improvement in the look of your smile. This versatile treatment can help you get the smile of your dreams. Read on to learn four of the many ways that dental bonding treatment will enhance the appearance of your teeth.

cosmetic dental benefits from teeth bonding

4 Cosmetic Advantages from Teeth Bonding Treatment

Brighten Tooth Color

Your smile may appear dimmer, duller, yellower, or stained over time, sometimes due to poor oral habits but also to factors outside of your control. You can achieve a pearly white look with teeth bonding treatment.

Your dentist can use resin to cover stubborn stains and make your tooth color both brighter and more even. They use specially tooth-colored material to ensure a beautiful and natural-looking finish, enhanced by a final in-office polish. Bonding can be susceptible to staining after your treatment. So follow your dentist’s aftercare advice to preserve this cosmetic dental work.

Amend Minor Tooth Breakage

Your teeth endure wear and tear from biting and chewing without issue usually. But accidents can occur that result in a chip or crack in the tooth. These can become weak parts of the tooth that put your smile at risk of dental dangers.

Severe tooth breakage will need restorative dental work to fix, but your dentist can use teeth bonding to amend small chips and cracks. The resin fills these injuries, restoring their appearance while also creating a seal to keep the teeth safe from further harm.

Reshape Irregular Teeth

Sometimes, your teeth can grow in an irregular shape. They might seem crooked, short, or otherwise misshapen. In these cases, your dentist can use bonding to rebuild your dental structure according to your aesthetic goals.

The resin, malleable when first applied to the teeth, can construct any shape you need to get the smile of your dreams. Then the dentist hardens the resin by curing it with a special light. This ensures it stays in your desired position. Consult your dentist to learn if teeth bonding is the ideal dental procedure for your cosmetic dental goals.

Fill Gaps Between Teeth

Spaces between your teeth may disrupt the look of your smile. But this alignment issue could make you more likely to get food trapped in your teeth, putting your oral health at risk too.

A dentist can fill these gaps in your smile using teeth bonding. This will create a fuller, straighter appearance to your smile that you can feel proud of. Larger malocclusions might need orthodontic treatment, but a dentist can use cosmetic dentistry for smaller aesthetic issues with dental alignment.