How Do Dentists Make Invisalign?

Crooked teeth can make you feel self-conscious about the way that your smile looks. It can also make it more difficult to keep your teeth clean, putting your oral health at risk. Your dentist can help you straighten your smile with Invisalign.

These clear-colored, plastic aligners gradually shift your teeth to get you the smile of your dreams according to your personalized treatment plan. But how does your dentist build these customized oral appliances? Dr. Oquejiofor, a dentist practicing in Clinton, NC, outlines the process that dental professionals use to create Invisalign aligners for their patients.

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Make Impressions of Your Dental Structure

If you and your dentist decide to pursue teeth straightening treatment with Invisalign, the first step is to get an impression of the current structure of your smile. Your dentist can do this with a physical mold of your teeth or through digital imaging technology.

With a precise foundation of your smile, your dentist can construct aligners that will fit securely and comfortably over your teeth. As you will wear Invisalign for at least 22 hours each day for optimal results, these factors will be crucial during your cosmetic dental treatment.

Consider Your Smile Goals

Before your dentist makes your Invisalign aligners, they will discuss your smile aesthetic goals with you during a cosmetic consultation appointment. You can describe what you would like your smile to look like by the end of your dental treatment. Your dentist can let you know the results that you can expect.

Invisalign can straighten crooked or overlapping teeth and amend small gaps in your smile. The aligners will be tailored to help you amend the unique concerns you have with your teeth. This will factor into the design of your Invisalign and the changes between each set of aligners when you swap them every two weeks through your treatment.

Build Plastic Aligners

Your dentist will build your personalized Invisalign aligners in their dental laboratory according to both your current dental structure and your smile enhancement goals. This process can take two to four weeks to complete.

The aligners are made from plastic and are clear in color. This creates a discreet appearance that many dental patients appreciate. Invisalign will not hinder the look of your smile while working to boost the appearance of your teeth.

You will return to your dentist’s office to pick up your aligners. Though you can take your aligners home and follow your dentist’s instructions to complete your treatment on your own, you will likely have to schedule check-up appointments with your dental professional to monitor your progress.

Invisalign and More Cosmetic Dentistry in Clinton, NC

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