Multiple Uses For Custom Mouthguards

Clinton Family & Cosmetic Dentistry provides custom mouthguards in our Clinton, NC dentist office.

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Many patients do not realize how useful and beneficial a mouthguard can be for their overall oral health and wellness. Here are three dental concerns that can be treated using custom mouthguards:

Dental Protection

The most common use for custom mouthguards is to allow patients the ability to participate in contact sports. Many sports require the use of a mouthguard, while others strongly recommend it. We suggest that patients keep a custom mouthguard with them at all times if they participate in a lot of high-risk activity that may lead to dental damages. It’s important to be proactive about preventing your smile from suffering from dental damages. Often, dental damages will require invasive restorative treatment options like dental crowns or tooth replacement. By wearing a custom mouthguard, you can save yourself from the hassles of experiencing a dental emergency.


Bruxism, also known as teeth grinding, is a common dental concern that we treat in our Clinton, NC dentist office. Patients with bruxism often do not realize that they are suffering from the disorder because they grind their teeth at night, while they sleep. The longer you suffer from grinding your teeth, the more likely this habit will lead to major dental concerns like worn-down teeth or increased sensitivity. It’s important to contact your dentist if you suspect you have been grinding your teeth. Dr. Oquejiofor, your local Clinton, MD dentist, will evaluate your smile for the signs and symptoms of teeth grinding during your preventative dental health exams. To treat bruxism, we will often encourage patients to get themselves a custom mouthguard. The mouthguard should be worn at night to protect your teeth from the harmful effects of teeth grinding.

TMJ Disorders

Custom mouthguards are often included in the treatment plans for patients experiencing a TMJ disorder. TMJ disorders result in symptoms like frequent jaw pain, tension headaches, muscle tension around your neck and shoulders, as well as earaches. TMJ disorders have a variety of causes, all leading back to the inflammation of your jaw joints which are essential in allowing you to chew and speak properly. Often, patients with TMJ disorders have a history of teeth grinding or jaw clenching under high stress. To combat this extra tension being placed on your dental structures, your doctor may recommend the use of oral appliance therapy, or a custom mouthguard designed to be worn at night or throughout the day when you are more likely to clench your jaw. Other TMJ treatment options may include tooth replacement, orthodontic appliances, or even Botox injections.

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