Use Your End-of-Year Dental Insurance Benefits

With the new year approaching, you might look forward to setting resolutions for 2024. But before the year ends, you should take advantage of your dental insurance benefits. Your policy might include annual benefits that will not roll over into the next calendar year.

Ensure you get the most out of your dental insurance plan by scheduling an appointment with your dentist this month. If you would like to learn more about the dental services you can use under your insurance, reach out to your dentist’s office. Read on to discover details about how dental insurance can help you accomplish your oral health goals.

Use Your End-of-Year Dental Insurance Benefits

How Does Dental Insurance Work?

Many dental insurance policies feature “use it or lose it” benefits. This refers to the annual maximum, the amount that an insurance provider will pay toward your dental care within a one-year period.

The maximum does not carry over into the next year if not fully used in most cases. For this reason, dentists recommend that their patients seek dental services before the year ends.

If you have dental insurance through your employer, the benefits come from a portion of your salary. So not using all of your insurance benefits will mean that you waste money.

The specific coverage of your dental insurance may vary depending on your provider. Review your policy and then contact your dentist’s office to learn what you can do in the next month before the benefits expire.

How Can I Take Advantage of Dental Insurance Benefits?

Most dental insurance plans will cover two dental cleanings and oral health exams per year. If you have not visited your dentist for this type of preventative care in the last six months, now is the perfect time to schedule this appointment.

Teeth cleanings get rid of plaque and tartar build-up in spots of your smile that a toothbrush cannot easily reach. If left on your teeth, these residues will weaken your dental structure, leaving you vulnerable to cavities and dental emergencies.

The dentist also checks your smile for signs of existing dental issues like gum disease, which you might not realize impacts your oral health. Early diagnosis of these issues allows for swift treatment to resolve the problems before they cause lasting damage to your smile.

You can also consult with your dentist about other types of dental solutions that your annual maximum can cover. You might qualify for cosmetic or restorative dental work that you might otherwise skip due to their costs.

Treating lingering dental concerns now will stop the problems from worsening. Trying to address them at a later date may make the dental work more expensive down the road.

If you worry about exceeding your maximum, call your dentist to learn about their financing options. The office can help you find a personalized treatment plan that suits your budget as well as your oral health needs. The office staff can also let you know which insurance plans they accept at their practice.