Dental Work Options with Braces

Braces are a highly effective orthodontic treatment that can straighten misaligned teeth and fix problems with your bite. An orthodontist will attach metal brackets to the teeth and connect them with a wire which will push and gradually shift the teeth to a straighter position.

You can achieve the straight smile of your dreams with this process, but it can take months or years to complete. You might worry braces will stop you from getting other types of dental work during this period.

But you can feel at ease knowing that while braces will impact your dental care, you can still undergo other types of procedures when needed. Read on to find responses to frequently asked questions regarding dental work you can receive when you have braces on your smile.

braces and other cosmetic dental work options

Can I Receive Dental Implants When I Have Braces?

If you have missing teeth, you may wonder if there is a way to straighten your teeth with braces and replace lost teeth. You can see the most restorative benefits when you choose dental implants to replace missing teeth. The implant uses an anchor surgically inserted into the jaw that supports prosthetic teeth.

Once placed, the dental implant cannot move. So dentists recommend waiting to receive implants after you align your teeth with braces. When the anchor fuses with the jaw, it will not move.

If you already have an implant and want to straighten your teeth, you can still receive braces. The dentist will place brackets on surrounding teeth, shifting those teeth in place around the implant or other fixed devices.

Can I Whiten My Teeth During Braces Treatment?

Braces can straighten your smile according to your aesthetic goals. But you might worry that these fixtures will impede your ability to undergo other cosmetic dental work during this treatment.

If you see stains or other discoloration on your teeth around your brackets, you can still discuss teeth whitening treatment with your dentist. They cannot access the surface of the teeth directly under the brackets. But they can whiten the area around the braces. Schedule a consultation with your cosmetic dentist today to find personalized smile enhancement treatment options.

Can I Treat Cavities with Braces on My Teeth?

Cavities, an early form of tooth decay, affect almost everyone at some point. You can still get a cavity when you have braces. Metal brackets will not stop oral bacteria from eating away at your dental structure.

A dentist can drill and fill a cavity on your tooth around your brackets. But if decay forms close to these brackets, a dentist will need to remove them to access and treat the cavity properly.

Then you will need to seek replacement of the bracket promptly so that you do not disrupt your teeth-straightening treatment. Reduce your risk of cavities by practicing good oral hygiene with your braces. Your dentist can offer tips to ensure your smile stays clean and healthy.