Improve Your Flossing Technique

An optimal oral hygiene routine consists of brushing teeth twice each day and flossing on a daily basis. Removing plaque, tartar, and other residues from the surface of your teeth is crucial to preventing structural and aesthetic damage in your smile.

You can keep your smile healthy if you follow your dentist’s guidelines for properly utilizing your floss every day. Dr. Oquejiofor, a dentist serving patients in Clinton, NC, gives advice that can help dental patients improve their flossing technique.

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How to Properly Floss Your Teeth

Get an Efficient Grip on Your Floss

The way that you hold your floss can impact your ability to clean your teeth effectively. A solid grip ensures that you can maneuver the string with ease and precision.

Dentists suggest utilizing an 18-inch string of floss during your oral hygiene routine. Wrap each end around the middle fingers of each hand.

You can hold your floss between the index fingers and thumbs of your hands to establish a solid foundation. Leave approximately one inch between your hands that you will use to floss. As you clean your teeth, you can slide the floss around your middle fingers to reveal a fresh bit of string once you have used the previous section.

Use Precise Movements When Flossing

With your floss in position, you can insert the string between your teeth carefully to begin cleaning. You should rub the floss up and down against one side of the tooth, using gentle movements to avoid irritating your gum tissue.

Repeat this action against the other side of the tooth and with each tooth in your mouth. Intentional motions that target your teeth, rather than sliding floss between the teeth without purpose, will ensure your smile gets thoroughly clean and stays healthy.

Consider Other Flossing Tools

Dental professionals agree that traditional string floss remains an efficient and effective tool for maintaining good oral hygiene. However, new products have been developed to help individuals clean between their teeth.

A floss pick features a piece of stringed floss secured in a plastic handle. Individuals with braces or other orthodontic appliances may find this product useful in navigating wires and brackets while cleaning their teeth.

Another flossing tool that patients may benefit from is a water pick. This device generates a stream of irrigated water that people can use to clear lingering food particles from between their teeth. Dental patients with dental implants or other fixtures in their smiles can benefit from an advanced flossing tool like this one.

Get More Oral Hygiene Tips from Your Dentist in Clinton, NC

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